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Local Businesses in Victoria, BC: Reads, Eats, Fitness, Shop (REPORT Trend)

When I came across the TikTok REPORT Trend (Reading, Eating, Playing, Obsessing over, Recommending, Treating), I envisioned it as a fun monthly segment to showcase local businesses around Victoria, BC, Vancouver Island, and the West Coast.

We love to highlight the people, places, and businesses that make Vancouver Island such a special place to live—and we hope you enjoy this type of content alongside our real estate resources.

February R.E.P.O.R.T

Reading: Douglas Magazine featuring Modern Baskets

Douglas, YAM, and Spruce are Victoria’s business, lifestyle, and home magazines by Page One Publishing. 

Fun fact—when I first moved to Victoria, working at Page One Publishing was one of my dream job goals! My pursuits took me in different directions but I still think it would be such a cool place to work. 

The February edition of Douglas Magazine included a lot of interesting articles relating to money, but I want to point out Passion Into Profit, by Andrew Findlay, which featured small business entrepreneurs in Victoria.

Modern Baskets, founded by Shannon Cavaghan, was among the businesses highlighted in this article. We absolutely adore Shannon’s gift baskets and the love she puts into them.

And Alex actually interviewed her husband, Chris, for our very first YouTube video! They’re both wonderful people and it was so nice to see Shannon’s work celebrated in this article. 

Eating: Island Nut Roastery Peanut Butter

I’ve always been a big almond butter fan, but this pregnancy I have been alll about peanut butter and I have been loving the Island Nut Roastery peanut butter.

Their products are made in small batches, by hand, with the highest quality ingredients and no additives.

Back in my early Victoria days, I had the opportunity to work on a fundraising event that Island Nut Roastery kindly sponsored—a noteworthy local company to support! 

Playing: The Fitness Academy (TFA) Unbreakable Workout

This month I interpreted ‘playing’ as trying something new, and I had the opportunity to try a TFA workout for the first time!

We did their ‘Unbreakable’ class which is focused on metabolic conditioning. I had not trained this way in a while and it was very challenging but a lot of fun.

Rob was a fantastic coach and I would absolutely recommend this gym for high energy and effective group workouts.

Obsessing Over: Lagree West—Meet you on the Megaformer

My workout of choice since August has been Lagree and it perfectly fits the ‘obsessing over’ category—I am on track to hit my 100th class this month!

Lagree is a pilates-inspired style of training, but on the Megaformer, which adds a lot of resistance and intensity to the movements.

Full disclosure, I do help with Lagree West Victoria’s social media and currently work a Friday front desk shift. The team is incredible to be a part of and really focused on creating a warm and welcoming environment. 

Recommending: Public Mercantile, a lovingly curated shop

This month I’m recommending Public Mercantile!

Their team is so lovely and the store is always intentionally stocked with products that feel special.

This is one of my favourite places to look for gifts and they have great staple and statement pieces for your wardrobe. 

Treating: Union Pacific Coffee Greenhouse Wrap 

If you’re following us on social media, you’ve definitely seen us post about Union Pacific before.

I used to work one street over from this coffee shop and I love treating myself to their Greenhouse Wrap.

They also have a patio in the back of the shop, making it an extra cozy spot for catching up with friends and getting some fresh air. 

We appreciate you being here,

Alex Hughes* and Ricki-Lee Jewell, Victoria, BC Real Estate Agents

*Personal Real Estate Corporation

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